A Bit of News: Freelancing Adventures

Translating has been slow lately, which is my way of saying that there’s been none for the last three months or something. So, I did what I was thinking about for a while: I took a leap, registered with a few freelancing websites, and started looking for writing work there. The idea is to write for a living again, which is what I wanted to do all along.

So far, I’ve been most successful on Fiverr, as Catwriter. And, yes, I do write about cats (Sphynxes and Domestic Shorthairs). I also write About Us pages and scripts for short videos, and yesterday, after a month on Fiverr, I reached Level 1 (they have Level 1, Level 2, and Top Rated sellers; the higher the level, the more you can charge).

Elance brought me less in the terms of money, but it did bring me my first American paperback publication, in Seeking Human Kindness.

So… Wish me luck, I guess. Or, better yet, wish me a clear mind and quick fingers.

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Friday Fun: Cats Being Cats

Then again, what else would cats be?

Or, a cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.

Or, a cat walks into a bar. And doesn’t.

Solved it. Both in and out.

Solved it. Both in and out.

It still counts as a box. And there's sun.

It still counts as a box. And there’s sun.

Trying to walk a cat isn't always a good idea.

Trying to walk a cat isn’t always a good idea.

What's a pizza doing on his chair, anyway?

What’s a pizza doing on his chair, anyway?

And, of course, there's always the grumpy cat.

And, of course, there’s always the grumpy cat.

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Seeking Human Kindness

Seeking Human Kindness, Reading Harbor

Seeking Human Kindness, Reading Harbor, September 2014

From the Goodreads Seeking Human Kindness page:

Seeking Human Kindness is a collection of inspirational and true short stories gathered from across the globe. The debut novel in a series by Reading Harbor aims to inspire, uplift, and put a smile on your face.

Featured in this collection are the following 50 stories on acts of human kindness:

A Hero’s Heart By Darko from Serbia
A Little Bit of Help by Vanessa Pasco Lobrigas from the Philippines
A Priceless Burger By Charles Michael Tolosa from the Philippines
A Seemingly Insignificant Act by David Fribbins from the UK
A Simple Gesture by Chelsea Resnick from North Carolina, USA
A Simple Meal by Beverley Bowen-Evans from Jamaica
A Special Watch by Summer White from Georgia, USA
Broken Leg vs. the Curb by Angel Propos from Florida, USA
Car Ride by Patrice Marrero from Massachusetts, USA
Chasing Down Kindness by Sharon Fuentes from Washington D.C., USA
Compliments FREE Take One if Needed by Sharon Fuentes from Washington D.C., USA
Corporal Punishment by Ajit Kumar Jha from India
Eleanor by Angelica Crawford from the UK
Emergency Call by Jenni Green Miller from Oregon, USA
Fallen Angel by Anthony Ford from the UK
Far from Home by Rachel De Bretagne from France
Farewell Lullaby by Joyce Jacobo from California, USA
Fatherhood by Gabriel Coeli from Oregon, USA
First Night in Bangkok by Steven Brooks from the UK
Heroes in an unlikely place by Lisa Martin from New York, USA
Homeless Kindness by Ivana Milakovic from Serbia
How a puppy taught me to live by Dejan Savanovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina
How My Daddy Taught Me How To Be Kind by Sheila Salyers from West Virginia, USA
Jadika’s Plight by Timothy Munene from Kenya
Lessons Learnt by Karan Sampal from India
Lost in Peru by Grace Chen from Pennsylvania, USA
Meeting God’s Own Child by Shruti Fatehpuria from India
No Ice Cream For Dad by Darcy Sprague from Texas, USA
The Old Lady and the Orange by R. Gonzales from the Philippines
One Golden Sun by Tammisan Mason from California, USA
Pay it Forward by Cicely Blain from Canada
Pink & Polka Dotted by Paula Baker from Utah, USA
Sent from Heaven by Netra Manjunath from India
Simple Encouragement By Samantha Loomis from Wisconsin, USA
Singing for My Fare by Christina Boyes from Pennsylvania, USA
Special Delivery by Barbara Bergerson from New York, USA
Strangers in a New City by Joanna Hoyt from New York, USA
Super Mario by Marieta Plamenova from Bulgaria
The Deadline by Ajit Kumar Jha from India
The Effects of Helping Out by Tiffany Mcrae from Guyana
The Gift by Bhavya Kaushik from India
The Good Deed Game from Leonard Treman from Alabama, USA
The Happy Meal by Ayamma Mohsin from Pakistan
The Seven Fifty to Marble Arch By Jan Gamm from Spain
The Unexpected Surprise by Paula R. from Mexico
There’s a God in Each one of Us by Shruti Fatehpuria from India
Washing Clothes Story by Guey J. from China
What is Treasured on the Earth by Hranush A. from Armenia
What Kindness Is by H. R. Chang from Taiwan
Yissus’ Smile by Prusevie Boncato-Bekalo from Ethiopia


My story is in it too. Yay! I haven’t read the book yet (it should be out in September), but, as you can see from the subject, it should be a very nice read, something to counter the horrible stuff media enjoys bombarding us with.

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