2 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Nine little kitty catsdancing on a gate,one misstep –then there were eight.Eight little kitty catslooking up to heaven,the sky fell down –then there were seven.Seven little kitty catsstepping on some sticks,didn’t see that hole –then there were six.Six little kitty catswent on a dive,didn’t learn to swim –then there were five.Five little kitty catssleeping on the floor,a dog came in –then there were four.Four little kitty catsclimbing up a tree,a branch broke off –then there were three.Three little kitty catsvisiting the zoo,met an alligator –then there were two.Two little kitty catsplaying in the sun,a car sped by –then there was one.One little kitty catgot no where to run,his brothers returned –then there was none.


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