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Yesterday, I posted at She Writes about re-starting this blog. I didn’t actually expect any replies, not immediately, so it was to my utmost amazement to wake up and find out that I had received comments. That some lovely ladies liked this blog, and my review of Sunshine.

Does it really take so little to make me happy? Kind words and somebody liking my writing?
Is it really “so little”, kind words and someone liking my review?
I don’t know, but I do know that these wonderful ladies inspired me to write another book review. If Sunshine seemed interesting, Tea with the Black Dragon by Roberta A. MacAvoy might be something you’d enjoy too. A fantasy novel set in the eighties in San Francisco, where an amazing woman is trying to find and rescue her daughter, and a Chinese dragon who is in love with her (with the woman, not the daughter) helps her. As in Sunshine, wonderful characters and a beautiful relationship. If I was to take one book with me on a deserted island, Tea with the Black Dragon would be it.
On a side note, I’ve noticed that Roberta MacAvoy is often listed as R.A. MacAvoy. While I don’t think that the author’s gender should matter — a good book is a good book — I can’t help but wonder if somebody actually thought that a potential reader might skip an urban fantasy/romance because a woman wrote it.
Another side note: I’m currently reading a book called “Modern English Stories”. That’s what it would translate to, it’s an anthology of English stories translated to Serbian, and the book was published in 1951, so the “modern” part brings a smile. The stories were originally published between 1900 and 1950; the anthology starts with Thomas Hardy and ends with Elizabeth Bowen. An interesting read, to say the least, although the book isn’t in the best of shapes (my mother found it at some sale, it was dirt cheap).
Worn out books look charming, in a way.
Once again, kind ladies, thank you for being so kind.


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4 thoughts on “Grateful&Amazed

  1. I know what you mean about smiling over older books labeled "modern." I have some of my dad's photography books from the 1950s and the "modern" advertisements make me wonder how all our trumpeting about our 3G, 4G, 10.1 gee whiz items will be seen fifty years from now.


  2. Oh yes… Now I remembered a friend, about fifteen years older than me, saying: "Today you mock us for having trouble using computers, tomorrow your children will mock you for having trouble using telepathy."It's all so relative, and changing so quickly.


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