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The Joy of Working Again

Typing Cat – photo by Dr Stephen Dann

At the very beginning of the year, I was left without work. It was a shock. It made me feel ill. It’s not just the matter of income (although, of course, it does matter a lot), it’a also that I’m not used to not working. And, fine, I’m not used to not earning either. I didn’t earn much, but it was still something.

Three days later, a dear friend found me something, a translation of a novel from Croatian to English. I’ve never translated an entire novel before, but hey, why not? The money wasn’t much, but I was also learning while I was translating, I was getting experience and I was practicing, so that was good.

I translated the novel. I got the money. Err, now what?

A lot of people told me they’d keep me in mind if something came up. Great, but I was impatient for something to come up immediately. Of course, I didn’t just wait for them to find me something to do, I also applied wherever I thought it made sense.

Today, I started the translation of a charming YA fantasy novel from English to Serbian. I suppose that the publishing house I’m doing it for will give me more to translate if they’re happy with my work. My writing will probably slow down as I spend the entire day translating, but hey, I enjoy doing it. Yes, I’m a workaholic, and I enjoy being one, as long as I’m doing something interesting.

Happy at my keyboard again. Yay!


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