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Weird Sunday Ramblings

Today we moved clocks. They stole an hour from us. In the autumn, the forces of dark give us an hour; in the spring, the forces of light take an hour from us. Darn thieves.

The weather is weird. It’s almost April, but in the morning it was almost as cold as the February, while in the February it was as warm as the April. Now, in the afternoon, it’s getting warm, but it’s hard to tell for how long. It’s seems that the spring can’t make her mind whether she’s coming or not.

The eggs were weird this morning, too. Just look at the picture — I didn’t do anything unusual to them, promise.

The eggs were weird this morning.

The taste was pretty much the normal one, though. Am I weird for actually eating something that looks like that?

I was thinking about writing another book review today, but decided I needed to rest at least once in a while. So, there’s the review I wrote yesterday, of Richard Matheson’s Hell House. Written forty years ago, it still has its charm, and it’s still haunting, just as a haunted house novel should be.

So, today I’m having some rest and reading a book (scroll a few posts down to see which one).


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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