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Saving Creativity? What Creativity?

The Golden City – Serbian Edition

This morning, I’ve finished reading The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks. It’s the last book in the Fourth Realm trilogy. The trilogy itself resembles, among the other things, the Matrix movies, people trying to free themselves from those who want to keep them in a virtual prison and control them completely, and the one visionary trying to find a way to do it. Visionaries and creative people are the natural enemies of those, of course. The first two books were fun to read, there was a lot of action, and also some interesting culture-jamming stuff, like the free runners. But the third one…

Maybe I’ve read too much. Maybe I’ve seen too much. But the third book was way too predictable. While it is completely normal for a book to follow a certain pattern, there should also be something creative in it. Especially if the author is going to preach (yes, this one preaches) about the necessity of visionaries, of Travelers, of creativity. If I see nothing creative in that sort of book, I ask: Err, what creativity am I supposed to fight for?

The characters are the same ones who were in the first two books, with an addition of some small roles of the new ones. Some of the main characters grow, and that is good. But they grow in a predictable way. The events are predictable. The ending is quite predictable.

Boring, and even worse, completely missing the point of the trilogy.



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6 thoughts on “Saving Creativity? What Creativity?

  1. It's disappointing when you invest your time into a trilogy or series only to be let down in the final book. I wonder sometimes if a story that really only needs to be told in two books is needlessly stretched to three. I haven't read these books you're referring to, so I can't speak about them. I'm just talking in general.


  2. Sometimes the stories are stretched way too much, I agree. Or a single novel is much longer than it should be.In this case, a trilogy was needed, but the last book should have had a "wow" effect, not the "yawn" one.On the other side, it could be just me; it happened to me before to dislike a book because I've seen most of it before, and then to encounter people who loved it and thought it was a refreshing change.


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