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The translation I was talking about in the previous posts went well; it was accepted, and I got another book to translate. A longer one, this time – I can’t tell you what book it is, I’ll just say it’s the third in a YA urban fantasy series, and, according to Amazon, it’s 560 pages long.

Now that will take a while.

My plan is, of course, to read that book before I start translating it. I also intend to read the first two books before I start translating the third one. And there’s this book, about 700 pages long, that I’ve started to read, and which i intend to finish before I begin reading this YA urban fantasy series. That’s about 2000 pages before i even start translating.

Now, do you think that such a plan means I’m too ambitious? Too confident of my abilities? Too optimistic? Or just plain crazy?

If nothing else, I’m going to have fun with it. And it’s a great relief that things are doing well.

Completely non-related, but fun, is the Photoshopped pic of me, done by my SO. Judging from the picture, do I look weird? Maybe it’s the hair. What do you think?

Do I look different to you?


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

2 thoughts on “Crazie

  1. I'm currently using it as my Facebook profile picture. One guy said I looked different, have I changed my hair?A lot of reading indeed, and a pleasure to do it. Thanks for dropping by!


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