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Between Projects, What’s That?

I’m always working on something, even if it doesn’t look like that.

Saying I’m between jobs usually means we’re unemployed, while saying I’m between projects usually means we’re not working on anything right now. But, if you’re a writer and a translator like me, how can you ever be between projects? That is, how can you ever be in the position of doing nothing?

True, I’m not working on any translation right now. But that leaves me time for writing, the same writing the translating often left me too tired for. And so I write. While I won’t get money worth mentioning for what I’m writing now (the situation here is a disaster, writers often get paid in copies of their books instead of getting cash), I do hope to get a new story collection published, and hey, having a book published is always great. Not to mention I might find a way to also earn some cash for it.

I wrote three short stories today, and now I have enough of them for a nice collection, and I’ve also written all the stories on the subject (ghosts in every meaning of the word – there are cat ghosts, dog ghosts, a smilodon ghost among the others, and a ghost town, and ghosts of children never born…) I wanted to write, which leaves me with a sense of fulfillment, of a job done. Sure, I need to edit all of them now, but the majority of the work on this collection is done.

Also, while between projects as far as translating is considered, I’ve translated an old story of mine originally written in English and sent it to a contest for an anthology; if it gets accepted, it will be in a vampire-themed anthology published in Serbian, Romanian and English. And I’ve written and sent a story to a contest for stories for the most legendary family magazine around here.

After doing all of these stories, am I between projects? No. I need to edit my ghost story collection, I should also work on another collection, and I could also translate my stories to English and try and sell them abroad.

While I’m doing that, at one point or another, there will be another translation to work on.

So please, if you’re into writing like me, can you tell me what’s this between projects about?


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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