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Coffee Photo Revolution

You can read all about Bella’s Coffee Photo Revolution here, and this is my contribution.

I usually use this:

However, this morning I used this one:

And this is what it looks like inside:

Nothing fancy, I’m afraid – fancy requires milk in various shapes, and milk and me don’t agree so well. What you see inside is Nescafe Gold with brown sugar and with some cinnamon on top.
Thanks for dropping by!


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15 thoughts on “Coffee Photo Revolution

  1. Ivana, brown sugar and cinnamon toppers for your coffee–wow! I must definitely try it! I love your photo contribution! Thank you so much for participating! I'm delighted to have you on board! πŸ™‚


  2. Lovely pictures, lovely kitty and lovely table cloth! Have you ever tried using Lacteese milk? It is milk with the lactose taken out. You probably already know that you can get tablets also at the drug store that help you digest the milk also. I find it's worth it!


  3. Elizabeth – glad you like the pictures (the table cloth is actually a tray πŸ™‚ )! Yes, I've tried milk with the lactose taken out, it helps a bit, but still gives me troubles – and I don't like tablets unless they're strictly necessary, I'd rather just avoid milk. Thanks for the suggestions, though, it's appreciated.Kimby – thanks! Yes, cream is nice, but not necessary. :)Girl Parker – Nice to meet you too! The red mug is the usual Nescafe one, but the one with the cat really is a bit more rare, we bought it while in Egypt. πŸ™‚


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