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Friday Laugh

Quite often, there are music videos I enjoy not because the music is great (although, the musicians are not tone-deaf), but because they make me laugh, for various reasons.

Here’s one of them — I guess it’s pretty obvious from that one that I’m a geek.

Of course, there’s always Weird Al when you need a laugh, and the next one is a wonderful play with stereotypes.

For the end, there’s a really funny one, although one young woman complained it would give her nightmares, even though she almost fell from her chair laughing. Oh, and please, please don’t eat or drink while watching the last one, I really don’t want you to choke or to spill hot coffee all over yourselves.

I hope you had some fun here!


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

8 thoughts on “Friday Laugh

  1. Ivana, it had been a while since I participated in your Friday fun and after seeing the "Firestarter" video, I realize I have to come by every Friday! Oh my goodness, I howled through it!


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