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The Great Belgrade Book Fair, Part II

Belgrade Book Fair

The Belgrade Book Fair is too big to see everything and to get everything you want during the first visit, so I went again. This time, I didn’t buy as many books, although I did buy some great ones:

Wittgenstein’s Nephew and Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall by Thomas Bernhard – Bernhard is always good
The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco – a new novel by Umberto Eco, should I say more?
Rechnitz by Elfriede Jelinek – a play by a Nobel prize winner
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson – again, should I say more?

The books I bought this time.

This time, I saw a bunch of schoolkids at the Book Fair; it is a tradition here for teachers to bring the schoolkids to this Fair — they basically just let them loose at the Fair and pick them up at the appointed time, and it seems to work, the kids have a good time (one bookseller told me they were so cute, they wanted to but so many books, but never had money for any), and I’ve never seen them get into trouble or cause any.

Schoolkids coming to the Book Fair

I also managed to get money for an earlier translation — the guy I translated a story for lives in another country, and he managed to send me money through his fellow bookseller who was at the Fair (he was hoping to come himself, but had an injury). I mentioned it to a friend who is a publisher, and we agreed that for us who have some business with books (as writers or translators or publishers or editors or a little bit of everything) it’s impossible to be just visitors at the Book Fair, there’s always business involved.

Overall, it was another pleasant visit to the Book Fair; I’ll be going tomorrow again, mostly to attend some promotions — and to bring you more pictures. I hope more people will come; while it’s easier to move around if there isn’t too much crowd, overcrowded Book Fair is somehow nice to see, not to mention it means better business.

And now for some more pictures:

You don’t have to know Serbian to recognize this, do you? 🙂
Two girls taking a break.

A plenty of comic books and graphic novels, too!


There could be more visitors, though.


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