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Holiday Plans

Forget the plans, just enjoy!

Do you make plans for the holidays?

I’ve seen people make tons of completely unrealistic plans for holidays. Even before the holidays start, there’s this urge to prepare tons of food, more than all of you celebrating could possibly eat (and then there’s later the pain of the food thrown away), to clean the house to the point of making it sterile, to decorate it, to buy gifts, to make plans, to… You know what I’m talking about, you’ve been there.

And then, for the holidays themselves, there are plans to visit all the dear people whom we don’t otherwise have time to see, to finally read War and Peace and the rest of 5 million books we meant to read but didn’t have time to actually do it, to watch all the series and movies and whatnot we didn’t have time to watch… The holiday times, which are supposed to give us some rest, become the most stressful time, and we can’t wait to get back to work, into our comfy routine, and get some true rest. Sort of.

And the holidays come. The dear people turn out not to be truly eager to see us, they have other plans (they said they would do it, but you have to hunt them with a lasso if you want to actually see them, which kind of ruins it), we don’t really feel like reading or watching (we’ve been having too much of that for work), we don’t feel like doing anything — and then there;s this guilt for not using the holiday time for all that great stuff we don’t otherwise have time for. The guilt we’re wasting our time.

Except that we’re not wasting it. If resting and staring at one spot or sleeping or generally doing nothing is what we need, then it’s not a waste of time to do exactly that. On the contrary — we’re using the time to do what we need most, and there’s no better use than that.

So, maybe I’m not going to finally finish River of Gods during holidays. Maybe I’m not going to see the third season of Misfits and all the other cool stuff I wanted to see. And I have no idea where my lasso is (oh, wait, I don’t even have one). Or maybe I’m going to change my mind and watch some of it, read some of it. Either way, it’s fine.

It really is.

Happy holidays!


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Plans

  1. It's okay to feel like doing nothing sometimes. While it's a busy time of year, it's kind of the right time to begin slowing down to take a breather…Ahem…Enjoy all those Christmas lights you LOVE so much after gaining this newfound freedom. 🙂


  2. I don't enjoy going out during the holidays, much more of a homebody to be honest. I enjoy watching movies, reading, cooking (or eating my sister's good faire) but going out… yuck. It's the start of a another new year … I wonder what lies ahead.


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