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The Things I’ve Learned from CastleVille

For those of you who don’t who’ve never heard of CastleVille, it’s a game by Zynga, played on Facebook (or at least I play it on Facebook, on the account made solely for playing games, not the one you can see on my blog). It is a cute and a fun game, great for wasting time, with all the ups and downs of the Zynga games — but that’s not what I’m talking about now.

Computer games, including those on Facebook, which real gamers would never even acknowledge as real games, can occasionally teach you something. Such as, you get extra points if you hit pedestrians with the car you’ve stolen  (that would be GTA). Or some English words, for non-native speakers. Joking aside, some games are actually designed to teach children some stuff, however, CastleVille, as cute as it is, is not one of them.

Without further ado, here are things I’ve learned from CastleVille, and they’re about animals such as pigs, cows, chicken and so on — it’s useful to know about them, isn’t it?

Cows start out as baby cows. You feed them and they grow first into youths, and then into adult cows. They don’t die if you don’t feed them, they just don’t grow in that case. Once they’re adults, they produce bottles of milk and cow hides. They keep producing bottles of milk and cow hides as long as you feed them. A cow is in no way harmed when you get cow hide.

All animals start from babies, grow into youths when fed, and then into adults. Chicken start as baby chicken, and eventually grow into adult chicken. Adult chicken produce eggs and chicken meat. They keep producing both; chickens are in no way harmed when you get chicken meat, and keep producing more.

Sheep produce wool when adults. Getting wool doesn’t harm sheep in any way. That’s for a bit of sanity there.

Adult pigs produce meat. Getting meat… You already know. Adult minks produce mink oil. They don’t mind it when you take mink oil, and are not harmed by it.

Geese and peacocks produce down-feathers (geese) and red and blue feathers (peacocks). Seeing how they produce very small amounts of those, it is plausible that the feathers simply fell off without harming the animals. So, another bit of sanity here.

No animals were harmed for the purpose of writing this post.

Oh, and I have nothing against Zynga or CastleVille, either. This was for fun only.


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6 thoughts on “The Things I’ve Learned from CastleVille

  1. Ivana, I'm not one for playing games but I have to admit this one looks worthy of a try. And seriously, I have to admit that the photo of the kitty playing the computer game totally influenced this decision! 🙂


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