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Cleaning Out Our TARDIS Closets

Sadly, we found no cats in our closets.

Have you ever noticed how a closet is bigger on the inside than on the outside, just like a TARDIS?
That is, if you’re trying to clean it up; otherwise, there’s never enough space in it.

SO and I have been cleaning some of our closets, and no, it’s not a metaphor; we we’re throwing out some old stuff we were not using anymore, so our closets would be neat and tidy again. Well, somewhat neat and tidy. We piled up stuff we were no longer using — we piled it up everywhere on the floor where we could find some space for it. And that’s when I’ve noticed it. I looked at all those things, some of them possibly older than me (although not older as a good wine goes old — quite the opposite), and I wondered how could all that possibly fit into our closets, which were pretty small. There was only one explanation: each and every one of our closets was a TARDIS, minus the time travel ability (and minus the police box look, they only look like closets — what can I say, obsolete models).

Or maybe they lead to Narnia, but Aslan had no use for old rags either?

Or is my imagination working overtime? Nah. No such thing, there’s never too much imagination.

Have you ever noticed something similar about your closets, or something else unusual about either your closets or some other part of your home?


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