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Still Looking For Coffee Cats, I Guess

Listen to the zen kitty.

Every once in a while, I check out what keywords people used and ended up here. I wrote about the results here — basically, people look for coffee&cats and find me.

So, here’s a new round of the keywords people used and got here, it’s from the last month.

– coffee cat
– cat coffee (yeah, you can try it like that too)
– need more coffee (try making some?)
– cat with coffee
– coffee cats
– 10 matchstick triangles (probably because of The Bone Cathedral)
– blue and white animated bird (this one, perhaps?)
– how do you find me? (heh)
– ivana skrobonja (sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not me; my name is Ivana and I translate and sometimes write for Goran Skrobonja, who’s a writer, a translator and a publisher, so maybe that’s what confused Google to lead you here)
– kitty doing zen (I agree, cats are totally zen)

The first results were from March, and these are from June; do you think I should be writing about other things, not just cats and coffee?

Oh, wait, I’m already doing that. Google Almighty doesn’t seem to notice, though. Not that it troubles me; cats and coffee and zen are fine subjects, and if that’s what I’m recognized for, nice.

And, since you’re here, would you like some coffee? Take your pick:



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6 thoughts on “Still Looking For Coffee Cats, I Guess

  1. Funny.I don't think I'll ever understand how keywords work and how people are led to one's blog when there is a total disconnect from the search words used. That's such a cozy cute kitten image. 🙂 Great post.


  2. I have a picture of an airship on my website for a WIP novel I'm working on–I think I get at least 15 hits per day for the Google term "airship."Most of them are image searches, though, so unfortunately, I don't think many of them stick around to read the content–just swipe the picture.Only coffee? Is there a tea option? 🙂


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