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Making Myself Comfortable

Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable.

Here I am, changing the blogging platform in the spirit of learning new stuff. It turned out it wasn’t so new after all; I’ve spent years on Blogger, and this is, after all, just another blogging platform, unless I want to buy my own domain and learn some coding, which I don’t.

In other words, I’m comfortable here already. I like the look of my new blog. I’ve added most of the stuff I wanted, so this is pretty much it. Although, do you think I should keep that camel on top? It has nothing to do with kitties or dreaming or writing or flying, but on the other hand, I like camels. Camels are cool. What do you think?

Anyway. I hope you’ll be as comfortable here as I am, so, if you will, grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer), take a look around, look in the gallery (there’s a link to it on the sidebar, and also at the top right), or just keep reading – there’s a story for you. Enjoy!

Do the Smilodons Purr?

I woke up and saw a tiger in the middle of my room. Just sitting there and watching me.

I live in a one-room apartment on the sixteenth floor. I don’t own a tiger. Around these parts, you have to go to a zoo if you wish to see a tiger. Even if a tiger ran away from the zoo, how did it get into my place?

I realized I keep calling it tiger in my mind, even though that’s not what it was.

What it actually was… Well, that certainly shouldn’t be in my apartment. Or in my town. Or anywhere else on the planet, for at least ten thousand years.

A smilodon sitting less than a meter away from me was watching me with perfect calm. It yawned, as if the big huge fangs weren’t already way too visible.

A smilodon. Species gone from this planet ten thousand years ago. Misnamed saber-toothed tiger, even though they were not really tigers.

This one looked to me like a Smilodon populator, the biggest one. Some specimens were up to five hundred kilos. This one was about four-fifty, something like that.

I offered my hand. It approached me. I petted him on the head. He started to purr.

Do the smilodons purr?

This one obviously could.

I felt a grin spreading over my face. A smilodon of my own! I moved to the side, and the smilodon jumped on my bed. The bed creaked, but didn’t fall apart. The smilodon made himself comfortable next to me,. He never stopped purring. The bed kept creaking. I kept smiling.

I hugged the big purring cat and fell to sleep again.

I’ve always wanted a cat.

Smilodon populator
Smilodon populator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

8 thoughts on “Making Myself Comfortable

  1. I do like the new layout. And the camel. BUT… I think your blog title needs to match your picture, or newbies will be too confused. If it’s “A Kitty Dreaming About Wings” the picture should tie, in some way, OR you could change the title.

    I have never dreamed about any prehistoric beasts, but if I *had* to meet a smilodon, I would be happier if I could make him purr.


    1. Yes, I think that the title should match the picture, at least somewhat. And I enjoy my kitty dreaming about wings. *sigh* Now to find a proper picture. one with a kitty on a camel, perhaps? 🙂

      Purring is, well, purrfect. Making someone or something purr is even better. 🙂


  2. I love the blog, it’s very appealing to view. Perhaps I should improve on my blog’s look now. Enjoy. Also I like the camel and the pyramid- it inspires adventure but alas does not tie in with you title at face value.


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