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Thinking Instead of Doing

Thinking about eating this…

It happens to me often. Certainly more often than I’d like, and even more often than I’d like to admit.

No. It doesn’t happen to me, as in, I’m a passive object to which the stuff happens. ย I do it more often than I’d like to admit.

I think about doing things instead of actually doing them.

Of course, there are things which you need to think through before doing them, in order to do them right, preferably the first time you do it. And there’s also the necessity of organization — the day only has 24 hours, after all — which requires thinking about doing things. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

What I’m talking about is thinking about house chores, cooking, cleaning, etc., thinking about translating, about writing, about sending out stories, and so on, instead of actually doing all that. Don’t get me wrong: I do all that, and more, but I also waste a lot of time just thinking about doing those things, not making plans in which order I’m going to do it, just thinking about them, and while I’m thinking about those things, I’m doing nothing. It’s not doing nothing like resting, cloudgazing, watching the new kittens in the neighborhood play, daydreaming, getting energy for doing more active stuff. It’s wasting time and energy, and feeling tired after that, while accomplishing nothing.

It’s procrastination, and in its most useless form.

And there’s, as far as I know, only one way to stop it. To move my lazy bottom and start doing whatever it is I’m supposed to do. Just do it, and keep doing it.

How about you? Do you often think about doing things instead of just doing them — not things like climbing Mount Everest or flying into space, which you’re unlikely to do in the near future, or ever, but the everyday things which you should just do?


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

10 thoughts on “Thinking Instead of Doing

  1. I think we’re all guilty of this to some extent. For me it comes in waves, when I am thinking and not doing there is a root cause, which means I have to slow down and figure out what’s going on inside. I really don’t worry too much about chores so much as I worry about not writing.


  2. It happens to me all the time. Plans change according to whether or not I procrastinate stepping out of the house to … say, get that particular shampoo I need. Luckily for my scalp, I moved my bottom today and just went ahead and got it. And every time I do, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. Feels pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Loved that kitty picture, Angel. Cats think for a while, too, I believe. A very short while and they’re off.


    1. Sometimes cats think for a while and decide they’re feeling too lazy to move. Then they go back to napping, wherever they may be at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚


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