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The Vampire Cover

U znaku vampiriceI have mentioned that my story was accepted for a vampire-themed anthology in Serbian; what I didn’t say was that the anthology would have two volumes, one for the lady writers, and the other for the gentlemen (there were simply too many stories to put them in just one book). What you see in this post is the cover of the lady-book; it is being printed right now. Do you like the cover?

As for my story, the title is My Hamster Is a Vampire, or, How I’ve Learned to Stop Fearing and to Love the Suckers. And yes, there’s a vampire hamster in it. And it’s cute.


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6 thoughts on “The Vampire Cover

    1. Thanks! The stories are only in Serbian, but I have no doubt the publisher would love to have them translated into other languages if he gets a chance (read: if the finances allow it).


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