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Zombie Walk!

As a part of the promotion of The Festival of Serbian Fantastic Film, there was a Zombie Walk on the streets of Belgrade on October 20th. Here’s how the zombie walk works: people apply for it, get turned into zombies thanks to the special effects expert Miroslav Lakobrija and his crew, and walk the streets like that. You can see on the video below what it looked like – lots of cheerful zombies!

As for the festival, this year it’s over 70 movies from Serbia, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Canada.

Enjoy the video!



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6 thoughts on “Zombie Walk!

  1. Ivana, what fun! My daughter participated in the zombie walk in her city and says it was a great experience. I saw her makeup and it was fantastic! The video you included in this post is wonderful. I think if I was a spectator to such an event, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in weeks! 🙂


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