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What Is a Special Occasion?

If you feel like wearing it, wear it!
If you feel like wearing it, wear it!

A special occasion: the time when you put on that wonderful perfume, the beautiful adorable sexy dress, amazing shoes, that special necklace… It could be somebody’s wedding, or a Christmas party, or a celebration, or… Well, something special. Because you wouldn’t use the wonderful perfume and the rest on just any day, would you?

Would you?

Why wouldn’t you?

While a sexy dress and stilettos can be inappropriate for some occasions (say, hiking), there are plenty of times when there won’t be any big celebrations – but nobody will forbid you to dress in a way that makes you feel drop dead gorgeous, either. And the wonderful perfume? You can wear it anytime and feel pretty or just have something nice to smell during the otherwise dull or unpleasant day – and why wouldn’t you? Or that great jeans. If it’s tight, it’s not healthy to wear it all the time, but you don’t need a special occasion to wear it, either.

Many people have some lovely wardrobe they never wear, they wait for a special occasion which rarely comes, or doesn’t come at all. I understand they don’t want something pricey to be destroyed while they commute, nor do they want to get fired because they ignored their company’s dress code, but there are other times, too.

I think many of us need special occasions, reasons to dress in that special way, or at least to add that uncommon detail, but the hectic life takes its toll, and the special occasion rarely happens, if ever – and yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can create them. Just put on that adorable perfume. And your most flattering jeans. Or something silly, because you feel like it. Or elaborate, brave make-up. Or whatever you like.

Because, right now, a very special occasion is happening. The one when you want to wear not your usual garb, but something to make you feel great. And your wish is special enough to create that occasion.

Tell me, ladies, do you wait for special occasions to wear that wonderful piece of clothes and your favourite perfume, or do you wear them whenever you feel like it?


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4 thoughts on “What Is a Special Occasion?

  1. I used to never wear skirts. Thought they were more for special occasions. Why bother when I was just at home with the kids or writing? Over the last year or so, I stared wearing them more and loving it. Sometimes you just have to change up that routine. Great post, Ivana.


  2. I don’t. I work in technology ( as I am still flogging my books) so I dress up whenever I feel inclined. Even yesterday, I was writing at the library, but I dressed up in something fun and vintage. Why wait for an occasion is my feeling.


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