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New Year Time in Belgrade

It’s the crazy time of the year again… This time, even though we had snow at the beginning of December, there’s none now; there will probably be plenty in February or something. Therefore, the New Year preparation pictures are without snow, but hey, there are candies!

Let’s start with a tree: a plastic one — in this case, made of green plastic bottles, to teach kiddies a bit about recycling. The light on the top shines whenever you throw a plastic bottle through the hole in the middle.

A plastic New Year tree.
A plastic New Year tree.

If you’re not in the mood for that kind of tree, you can always kill some green living beings, like this.

Poor trees.
Poor trees.
Poor, poor trees.
Poor, poor trees.

If you wish for some candies to cheer you up, you can get them in the middle of Belgrade.


In the evening, it looks like this:

Candies in the evening.
Candies in the evening.

They say that the earnings go to the charity, for the babies.

Once again, during the day:

The daytime...
The daytime…

…and during the afternoon/evening:

...the afternoon/evening...
…the afternoon/evening…

If you wish to do give blood, you can do it a few yards away (unlike the rustic food-and-souvenire objects, this bloodbus is around throughout the year):

Give blood, save a life...
Give blood, save a life…

Or, you can buy stuff…

Buy stuff...
Buy stuff…

Or buy more stuff, this time souvenirs: more stuff...
…buy more stuff…

Happy New Year, everyone!


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