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The Silly Little New Year Rituals

You better do all that, or else...
You better do all that, or else…

Or, if you like, the silly little New Year superstitions. Something we know isn’t true — so obviously isn’t true, doesn’t make any sense to be true — but we stick to it. Out of habit? Out of magical thinking If I don’t do this, that terrible thing will happen? Just for fun — or just in case?

They’re not related only to New Year, of course. New Year just has some symbolic value — if you start the year in such a way, the entire year will be like that. As in, if you don’t clean up your place properly just before the start of the next year, it will be like a pig pen throughout the year. If you don’t have the best time of your life while expecting the midnight between December 31st and January 1st, your entire year will suck. And maybe not just yours, maybe it will be really bad for your family as well. For your cat or dog, too. And your iguana. Therefore, you better do so-and-so. Just in case.

I remember this one time, I’m not sure whether we were in high school or was it a bit before that. Anyway, I was spending the New Year’s Eve with friends, and I heard this conversation between my BFF and her younger sister. One of them didn’t wash her hair, and the other one was — well, not really horrified, but obviously believed it to be a bad omen of sorts. You didn’t wash your hair? OMG, it will be greasy and filthy the whole year!

And it’s just one example — people, quite often, do tons of things for that one evening, hoping that the spirit of it will symbolically carry on in the next year and make them prosperous. Do you have such an example to offer, not necessarily something serious ?

P.S. The girl’s hair didn’t stay dirty throughout the year. Just in case you were wondering.


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