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On New Year Resolutions

A good decision!
A good decision!

Many people make them. So do I, from time to time, only to ignore them. Which is also what some people do. There are also those who say that January 1st is just another day, that you can make a decision whenever you like, that it’s stupid to decide to do this from this year on or from Monday on because those days aren’t special, they’re just days.

Yes, they’re just days like any other. Which makes them as good for resolutions as any other — and you’re the one who chooses when you’ll start this or that. Someone might start a new diet or writing a new novel or whatever on May 5th or any other random day, and you can start on January 1st or any other random day, and both are just as good. As long as you start doing it, and actually go through with it until the end. Or, should you fail to complete what you started, as long as you at least learn something from the experience (learn why you didn’t finish it, or learn something unrelated on the way, like how to make great pasta — learning is always good).

It seems to me that the problem with those who say it’s stupid to make a resolution at the beginning of a new year sharp is that they don’t really do anything. They say you can make a resolution on any day, but they never actually make them. They change nothing in their lives even though they’re not happy with the way it is, and they seriously dislike you because you’re doing what they secretly want to do themselves: you try to change something, you try to better yourself. You might fail, but you’re trying, and if you keep doing it, you’ll eventually succeed, and they will still be in their unhappy spot.

My I’ll do so-and-so from now on is no better than your I’ll do so-and-so from now on (or any other day). If a New Year resolutions helps you do it, I think it’s great! If some other time works better for you, it’s great too. Whatever helps for things to get done is good, and just as we are all different, so are the ways we accomplish our goals.

In that sense, New Year resolutions mean very little for me. It’s getting things done that counts, and I’ll do them New Year resolutions or not. Eventually. I hope.

How about you? Do you make New Year resolutions, and do they really help you?


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11 thoughts on “On New Year Resolutions

  1. Hi! When I make resolutions, I make them publicly so that I’m held accountable for what I plan to do. As you know, this year I’m doing 365 Inspirations on my blog for 2013. This helps me write everyday and it also connects me with so many other wonderful people, like yourself, out there who are also writing, blogging, etc. All the best in 2013 and may you complete all your goals!


  2. I also focus on goals. Since the fiscal year is involved with taxes, I figure new years is the perfect time to define my marketing goals for the year. I usually do my writing goals a bit earlier, in November, since Nanowrimo is for me, the beginning of the writing year. As you say, it’s just a date, so why shouldn’t I make my writing goals two months early? Nanowrimo gets my writing “year” off to a jumpstart.


  3. Ivana, Happy New Year! I rarely make resolutions. Mainly for the reasons you mentioned. Instead, I like to strive to meet goals. This year I hope to eat healthier. My knee is not getting better and methinks I’m going to have to lose some weight if I am to see some improvement! 🙂


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