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Spell Checker Doesn’t Solve Everything

On several occasions, when I mentioned proper spelling was important for writers, I got the same answer: The spell checker should take care of that.

The problem is, it won’t. It will take care of some typos, but it won’t tell you it should be their, not they’re.

Last night, I found this wonderful poem. Have fun reading it — and trying to decipher it in spite of no mistakes a spell checker would find (click on the picture to make it bigger and clear).



A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

6 thoughts on “Spell Checker Doesn’t Solve Everything

  1. I’ve seen this poem before, but have always loved it.

    I am finding lately, as I get older, I am misspelling words I know, in just that way, using homophones. Two for too, fete for fate. This is Unfortunate if I am trying to write a love scene and refer to someone’s bear bottom, and I’m not working on a shapeshifter novel.


  2. Ivana, I admit I run spell check but then go back and check what spell check corrects! ha! Like you pointed out, it doesn’t have the capacity to discern between they’re, there, or their. As writers, we must be careful to avoid these simple mistake that so heavily detract from our writing. This post was a wonderful reminder of that! 🙂


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