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Friday Fun: Look, a Story!

ZSc20A few months ago, the latest issue of the Znak Sagite magazine (that would be No. 20) came out. It consists of a bunch of stories written for a writers workshop. The stories were edited after the workshop, of course.

A story of mine is in it, too. Flash fiction, of course. 😆 I’ve translated it into English, and I’m curious: does it stand on its own, outside of the workshop? What do you think?


The Executive Judge Agrona was going down the escalator to the subway station when she noticed a young man on the moving stairway going up and spraying Agrona on the wall.

She aimed, spilled his brain over the scribble, and called the Cleaning Department to remove the remains of the offender and the mess the criminal made.


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Look, a Story!

    1. We were given a task, and the story is a direct answer to it. Very direct. 😆 Also, there was a guy who said it was impossible to write a story in 3,000 characters or less, and I thought to myself, yeah, right. Looks like I should have made it more understandable for those who had no idea what the task was, though.


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