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A Nice Thing Happened on the Bus

Be nice to people, folks. And cats. Especially cats.
Be nice to people, folks. And cats. Especially cats.

I live in a two-million city, and as you can imagine, both good and ugly things happen when you cram so many people in a single town. About a month ago, I witnessed a nice one.

I took a bus to go to a fencing lesson, and at one stop, a blind man entered (sorry if it’s not a politically correct term – what is a PC term anyway, and how do you avoid confusion when describing someone who sees poorly, and someone who doesn’t see at all?). A girl who looked like she was twelve and who stood close to the door moved away a bit to make room for him, since our buses tend to be crowded.

The bus took off, and at one point, made a sudden stop. The man stumbled, and the closest young man held him so he didn’t fall. When the time came for the blind man to get off the bus, the same youth asked him if he needed help, the older man said no and got off the bus.

All of those actions were simple acts of kindness and good manners. You see someone who very obviously needs help, you jump in and help. You think they might need help about something else, you politely ask them, you don’t just assume your help is necessary (or even wanted).

So simple. So nice. So kind. And from total strangers, random people who happened to be on the bus.

Have you witnessed something nice recently?


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