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Friday Fun: Here, Have a Story

Long time ago, I’ve written My Cat, a Genius. Also long time ago, I’ve written a story I called While I Was Polishing My Nails. Just a bit of silliness, really. Someone mentioned that the narrator was pretty much the same in the both stories, just older in the second one, and that I might want to write more stories from the same POV (and rewrite My Cat, a Genius so that the baby survives). For a while I thought I would do it, that I would write a story collection, and then a series of novels. I did write a few stories, but then gave up on the idea.

Anyway, imagine that the baby from My Cat, a Genius survived. Here he is again. The girl is here too, of course. Azazel doesn’t show up in this one (I’ll post another story sometime next week, and he’ll be in it).

If you haven’t read My Cat, a Genius, you can still read this one as a silly short story. All the stories were written so they can be read on their own.

I hope you enjoy it!


While I Was Polishing My Nails

The evening was hot, so the windows of my room were wide open. I was sitting on my bed, polishing my nails. I was listening to Nirvana.
I was almost done with my nails, I was just polishing nail on my middle finger, when Alex, little pester who happens to be my kid brother, entered my room. Without knocking.
„I told you a thousand times to knock, you little retard,“ I said, while polishing the nail on the next finger.
„I feel weird,“ he said. I haven’t even bothered to look at him.
„So?“ I asked, doing my little finger.
„I feel weird,“ he repeated, his voice just a bit higher. I looked at him.
He was getting shorter and, from a fat little boy, he became very, very thin. His fingers were getting shorter and his nails became claws. He was growing short, yellowish fur. His face became longer, his fangs very sharp. His ears became pointed. He got whiskers. For the first time in his life, he actually became cute.
Did I get upset? Because I watched my kid brother turn into a cat, I mean? Not at all. Like I said, he was a cute cat. Without thinking, I got to my feet and opened the door of my room. In front of it were two big mongrel dogs. Two big ugly mongrel dogs. Only by the color of their eyes I recognized my parents.
They noticed the cat immediately. And jumped forward, of course. The cat hissed and jumped through the window. The dogs jumped after it. I closed all the windows.
Did this upset me? Nope. I informed my friends that I had the whole apartment just for myself, and then I listened to the rest of the tape.


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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