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Some News, or, EzineArticles

sfingaThose of you who remember me from the old Suite101 website might recognize some of my texts which are now at EzineArticles. Some book reviews, like Kosingas, Sunshine by Robin McKinley or The Quiet Girl by Peter Hoeg, stories, like Calling Cthulhu or Golden Eyes, there’s a recipe for tzatziki sauce with a few variations (tzatziki is wonderful for hot summer days), and there’s also a brand new text, about Sphynx cats.

Take a look, if you wish. Or look at my page (I love the paw next to my picture!), see if there’s a summary which captures your attention, and enjoy! There will be more texts in the future.

That was my shameless self-promotion. 😀


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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