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Tired After Vacation

cloudy&rainyI’ve spent the first 10 days of September with my family in Croatia. It was mostly cloudy, and sometimes rainy, too, as you can see on the only sea picture I’ve shot. While I checked out every day whether I’ve got new messages from potential clients, I made it a point to do it no more than once or twice a day, and to rest. Which meant reading a few books and spending time with my family and their new puppy (on the pictures below; he’s adorable, isn’t he?).

I was aware that I wouldn’t be able to jump right into writing a bunch of texts on a daily basis after I returned. I knew I wouldn’t be able to jump right into any kind of continuous work immediately (well, not unless I was forced to, and fortunately, I wasn’t). And yet, it still surprised me how dizzy I felt, how unprepared for work.

I knew, rationally, that I needed time to adjust. But at the same time, it annoyed me that my brain wouldn’t listen, that it demanded time to get back on track. Being aware that something is perfectly normal doesn’t necessarily make you calmly accept it.

Anyway, I’m back. Back home, and back to work as CatWriter. And it feels good.

Enjoy in the puppy pictures!

puppy&me, pt. 2



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4 thoughts on “Tired After Vacation

  1. Oh my gosh, who can resist puppies? Not me, and surely not this cute little furry friend! Yes, the return for normalcy beckons us but personally, I try to resist it and transition into routine as slowly as possible. I think this is because it allows me to get used to the idea that vacation time is over! 🙂


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