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Spider Romance!

spiderDoes “spider romance” sound weird to you?

Or like something you might want to experiment with?

Anyway, a friend of mine and a fellow author, Ivan Zoric, spread the word about a spider romance microfiction contest. And, I got an idea. I’m not usually one for writing romance, so this one turned out to be unusual (or, maybe, not so unusual for a website called The New Bizarro Author Series). I liked it, I submitted it, and now you can read my short short story (453 words) It’s Okay (click on the link, and you will find not only my story, but a bunch of others, too, as well as a spider romance haiku). If you like what you see, you can also check out the submissions from the previous weeks: week one, week two, and week three (that’s where Ivan’s story, Fade to Black, is). Romance (obviously), horror, sci-fi, occult, mythological, bizarro, coming of age, humor, a dark fairy tale… Whatever your preferred genre is, the chances are, you’ll find something you like among the stories.



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