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Instagram Makes Me See, Err, Notice Things!

I take my camera with me on impulse; or, if I feel too lazy to carry it around, I don’t. However, Instagram has inspired me to take photos more often, and it has inspired me to pay more attention.

A few months ago, I posted some photos of street art. It’s just the stuff I see in my neighborhood, but people liked it, so I started paying attention, and I started noticing it everywhere. And taking photos of it. And recently, one of my followers tagged me in a photo of street art she’s taken.

Some things are classics, of course. Cats, dogs, birds… People like pictures of them. Sunsets, too, or the sea. Or flowers. But who knew that there are so many people who enjoy in photos of clouds? I expected a photo of popular cosplayers to get noticed, but my fencing mask?

The more time I spend on Instagram, the more I realize just how diverse the interests of people are, and that, in turn, inspires me to be more curious. To pay attention, explore, and notice more. To capture it. To share it. To keep coming up with interesting stuff. And to have fun while doing it.

It still surprises me when people I’ve never met like my photos on Instagram. I’m glad, of course; it means that I’m doing something good. But it’s steel a feeling of Someone liked that? But it’s just… And I like that feeling. It reminds me that there’s always something interesting around us, if only we remember to notice it.

And Instagram and the wonderful people there keep inspiring me to notice.


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

2 thoughts on “Instagram Makes Me See, Err, Notice Things!

  1. Ivana, I too love Instagram! I think the allure lies in the fact that we can capture a moment in time and share it with others. It’s nice to read kind comments from those who enjoy our shots, as well as see what others see through the lens of their smartphone!


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