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The Small Book Fair

For a few years now, two book fairs are happening at the same time in Belgrade. One is The International Belgrade Book Fair, and it’s a big event; however, some small and independent publishers are not happy with the treatment that they receive there, so they refuse to participate in it, and have their own instead, The Small Book Fair, in an independent bookstore called Beopolis.

The Small Book Fair has started today, and, of course, there I was, browsing through the books, chatting with the friendly staff (you gotta love small bookstores and their staff, they’re all wonderful!), and choosing what to buy (not the whole store!).

You can see what I’ve chosen on the picture above. The books are: Saint Peter’s Snow by Leo Perutz, Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang, The Making of Zombie Wars by Aleksandar Hemon, and The End of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck. So many interesting books, so little time… And there will be even more books, once the big fair starts.

There will be more pictures, too, so stay tuned!


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2 thoughts on “The Small Book Fair

    1. You’d love the big fair, then! A lot of authors (mostly local, of course, but very much loved) happy to talk to their readers, sign books, take pictures with them… I spend way too much time there every year.


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