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The International Belgrade Book Fair, Part III

On Friday, I went to the Book Fair for the last time (well, last time this year); the fair itself ended on Sunday. This time, I brought a total of two books, and a free comic/magazine.

It was pretty crowded, because it was Friday afternoon, and because a lot of people received their paychecks. As happy as they were because of so many visitors, publishers and their staff seemed to be ready to drop (while being perfectly aware that the real crowd would arrive on Saturday). I kept running into friends, met some new ones, and also heard some really sad news.

Overall, the Book Fair was fun… And now I have almost 50 new books to read (I’ve read 3 short ones so far, and I’m reading the 4th). Not bad. Not bad at all.

Here are a few more pictures, and the rest is at the old place.

No rest for the wicked, err, the writers
I translated these!
Old friends, new friends (and everyone is tired)


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