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It’s BeoKon Time!

BeoKon is a pop culture convention held in Belgrade; it used to be a (mostly) science fiction convention, then became a science fiction/fantasy/horror convention (all media included, books, movies, comics, games, everything), and now it’s somewhat similar (although obviously much smaller) to Comic-Con: a convention of the global pop culture.

And it’s fun.

On the first day, I listened about Star Trek (from the first series, through the animated series and movies, to the latest series and movies), Game of Thrones (we all kept laughing during that one, they tore the last season apart, the good, the bad, what worked, what didn’t, what was a disaster, what was actually better than the books…), and, at the end, there was the Guest of Honor, Steven Erikson.

I’ll be going again today (the convention ends on Sunday, though I won’t make it tomorrow), and there will be more fun.

On the picture above, you can see some OriCosplay posters for sale, and below are more photos from BeoKon. If you still wish to see more, you can do it here (the album is public, you don’t need a Facebook account to see them). Enjoy!

Long live and prosper!
Cersei (long may she reign!) and Jaime Lannister come to visit before the Star Trek panel
Littlefinger is plotting something in the hall
About Game of Thrones



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2 thoughts on “It’s BeoKon Time!

  1. For meeting celebrities, “cons” are the way to go! I went to a horror con years ago and met the guy who played James Bond in one movie and the little girl from one of the Halloween movies. Not Kyle Richards, who played the little girl in the first…

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