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Friday Fun: Blonde Again at the Belgrade Book Fair

The last week of October is the week of the Belgrade Book Fair, and this year, I’ve changed my hair color mid-fair.

In other words, I went from this…


…to this:


There were some other fun photos, too:



The book you see in my lap is the “notebook” of Gavrilo the Monk (it’s the same name as Gabriel), one of the main characters of the epic fantasy series Kosingas by Aleksandar Tešić. The “notebook” is not for sale, since it would be too expensive, but it’s definitely interesting and fun to look at the illustrations of the various mythological creatures that the monk encountered during his travels.

The fair itself was also fun, of course, and I bought a bunch of books; I’ll write a bit more about them the next time. This time, it’s all about the new blonde moment. 😀


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