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Libartes Magazine and My Story

Just a quick update: still alive. Mostly recovered from bronchopneumonia (it wasn’t fun at all). Read a bunch of books and watched a bunch of series, I’ll talk about them more in another post or few.

And now, for something really wonderful: Libartes Magazine is now in English, too!

What’s Libartes? Here’s what they say about themselves: “Libartes is an online magazine with a strong focus on Balkan culture and art, at the same time focusing on international art and its connection to the region. The publication is made by cultural enthusiasts, artists, theorists of art and literature. We delve into different art forms: literature, music, film, visual arts, design and architecture.
Our team consists of regular contributors, but we also publish works by many other authors both acclaimed and up-and-coming. If you would like to join our team either as a regular or occasional contributor, email us at” You can read a bit more about them here.

As you’ve guessed from the title, I have a story there, too. Check it out, if you like! Trigger warnings: mentions of child abuse, bugs (sort of).

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you should stop after reading my story; there are many wonderful stories, poems, reviews, interviews, paintings, illustrations, drawings, comics…err, there are many wonderful everythings there (yes, I made up that word), so go on, visit them and enjoy!


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