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Tuesday News 03/03/2020

The second season of Altered Carbon is out! The second season of Altered Carbon is out! Yay!

What else is new?

Currently reading: still Collected Stories 2 by Vladimir Nabokov. I haven’t been reading much lately, but then again, this book is to be savored, not rushed through.

Currently watching: as you’ve already guessed, I’ve just watched the second season of Altered Carbon, and I’ve enjoyed it. They had a difficult task: to keep the audience emotionally invested even though most of the characters are new. And by most, I really mean most: Poe is back, and Takeshi Kovacs (though the actor is a different one, for obvious reasons like the entire concept of the series), and Quellcrist Falconer. That’s it. Well, there’s one more person, this time with a bigger role, but telling who it is would be a spoiler.

Now, we do see some of the characters from the first season again, and we get to enjoy in some really, really creative ways to bring characters who are residing on another planet and/or are dead back to the show, but mostly, it’s new folks with their own backstories and tons of problems.

And it works.

I admit that I’ve cared more about Poe’s well-being than about the Quell mystery (or about what’s going to happen to the entire planet), but hey, I did care, and that’s what counts when watching such shows: that we’re drawn into the story and that we care.

I hope that there will be another season. So far, they haven’t disappointed.

Mostly working on: finished another course (about blog content strategy, with lots of useful info), and trying to post regularly on Catwriter’s Fiverr Adventures. It looks like posting every day, especially with tags like “content marketing” (and “cats”!) brings followers, though I’m honestly not sure whether they’re reading any of my posts. Still, that blog is definitely a useful experiment, and I will have another purpose (or few) for it in the future.

What I should be working on: stories of my own. Hopefully I will, at some point. I’ve got some ideas, but the stories refuse to write themselves.

That’s it for today, see you next time!


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