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Friday News 13/03/2020

What a lovely date! There has to be a picture of a black cat to accompany it.

Of course, do be nice to cats, on this and every other day.


COVID-19 is now officially a pandemic, but you already know it (or you should). If we’re talking about work, businesses are affected, freelancers are affected…and if we’re not talking about work only, well, do try to stay alive, even if there are those who prefer the “strictly economic” approach (as in, there might be economical benefits if we let more people die).

All right, rant over. But do try to stay alive.

Now, back to the usual news. And a warning: there will be some vague spoilers for The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.

Currently reading: A Universal History of Iniquity by Jorge Luis Borges. It’s Borges, so of course it’s good. Colorful stories about vile people. Real or imagined. Mostly imagined, even if real. You know, Borges. And if you don’t know, it’s high time you read his books.

Recently read: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood. Where do I even start? It’s set some 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale, but it doesn’t follow just the book, it follows the TV series, too. To a point, though; there are some changes, like Aunt Lydia being a judge in her previous life, not a teacher (this wasn’t much of a spoiler, and it does go well with her character).

So, if you’re going to read this, I suggest you read the first book (if you haven’t already), and watch the series (if you haven’t already). You can read this book without the previous works, but the experience is going to be much more emotional with them. There will be wonderful Oh, it’s actually her moments, as well as even more wonderful Whoa, hey, they’re actually… Oh, I can’t wait for them to find out! ones. I’ve seen some people complain that everything went too smoothly, but… On the one hand, it sort of did, considering everything that could have happened, but on the other hand, that ending was being prepared for 15 years, and many, many bad things have happened during those 15 years. So, it’s about as smooth as someone is an overnight success. In other words: no, it isn’t.

Currently watching: courses. In order to help businesses, freelancers, and others affected by COVID-19, Fiverr has created a special site with resources for those impacted, and for a limited time, they’re offering some free courses, too: Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses, Build a Professional Website with, Social Media Content Strategy, and Online Freelancing Essentials. None of those will turn you into an expert, but they are packed with information all in one convenient place, at least the ones I’ve seen so far. So, I’m learning what I can, both for work and for myself (plus I’m a curious cat).

Mostly working on: courses. See above. And the same blog I’ve mentioned the last few times. And planning to explore a few tools I’ve learned about in the courses.

Well, that’s it for today’s edition of Life and Work in the Time of Coronavirus, err, A Kitty Dreaming About Wings, see you next time!


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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