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May News 2022.

Time doesn’t feel so weird anymore, nor am I feeling as if I was waiting for something. Which is probably because I’ve been visiting doctors, and will keep doing it in June, too. It’s mostly check-ups, I got a problematic tooth fixed (the dentist managed to save it, yay! Now it will take two weeks or so for my gums to heal, but it’s totally worth it), I should watch what I eat or I get slightly elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels (and if I’m not careful, it won’t be so slightly), I’ve got vitiligo… So, nothing terrible. I do feel tired, but that’s probably because I’ve spent most of Saturday working (plus chasing doctors and rearranging my time so I can make it to the appointments isn’t the most relaxing activity in the world).

Other than that, it’s the usual. Working, reading, watching stuff… And there was an interview with me recently, you can see it here (if you read/understand Serbian).

Currently reading: Hyperion by Dan Simmons. I’m re-reading it, for our monthly book club meeting, and it’s still just as good as it was the first time.

Recently read: The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz (a nice story about loneliness and a somewhat unusual friendship), Fireheart Tiger (a bit like a fairy tale, and really nice) and Lullaby for a Lost World (it’s like someone has read The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas and really wanted to say something) by Aliette de Bodard, Junkyard Cats and Junkyard Bargain by Faith Hunter (fun post-apocalyptic pulp with wicked cats), Hrišćanstvo i umetnost (Christianity and Art) by Vladimir Kolarić (essays about Christianity and art, obivously), The Hanging Game by Helen Marshall (a really dark and a really good tale), The Maiden Thief by Melissa Marr (an interesting fairy tale retelling), These Deathless Bones by Cassandra Khaw (a really awful, cruel child gets what he deserves, and then you start asking yourself some questions), Triquetra by Kirstyn McDermott (an interesting reimagining of Snow White), Slamar by Vladimir Vujinović (a Serbain thriller/police procedural), Into the Gray by Margaret Killjoy (a relationship between a thief and a human-eating mermaid, and all the problems coming with it), The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere by John Chu (a gay man struggling to come out to his traditional Chinese parents in a world where rain falls directly on you if you lie), and The Insects of Love by Genevieve Valentine (a dream-like tale of two sisters, one of them goes missing, the other one refuses give up on the search). Pretty good reads, most of them.

Currently watching: The Witcher, the second season. No more jumping back and forth in time, decent storytelling, interesting changes made to the books. The first season was more interesting, though.

Recently watched: Love, Death & Robots season 3 (I liked the cat, the robots, and the rats the best, though most stories had something good to offer; I definitely plan to keep watching this whenever a new season comes out), My Brilliant Friend season 3 (still closely following the books, still good casting choices, still interesting to watch), and The Matrix Resurrections (I probably enjoyed this movie more than most people did, and I’m definitely glad I saw it).

Currently working on: work, when there’s any. And I’m focused on going to various doctors now when it’s safer than before, so that I don’t end up with something urgent in the middle of another wave. Not to mention the benefit of fixing what can be fixed, and keeping my body somewhat functional.

And that would be it for now… At least more stuff actually happened than the last time.

And you got another cat picture, too.


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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