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June News 2022.

Did you know that going to a doctor after doctor after doctor after…can be exhausting? Even if some of those visits are just regular check-ups, and if you’re not going every day (more like once or twice a week), but it keeps going on and on and on?

Well, now I know.

And I’ve found out I’ve got presbyopia and astigmatism, and I’m wearing glasses now.

Getting used to progressive glasses is another thing that was exhausting.

I’ve also found out that I should quit caffeine, just in case, because I might be at risk of glaucoma. Caffeine in all of its forms: cola, black and green tea (matcha included), coffee… I should also avoid beer, which isn’t difficult, considering that I was drinking it maybe once or twice a year.

But coffee and green tea… I mean, yes, giving up on them is definitely better than risking going blind, but I’m going to miss them.

For the time being, I’m on decaf, because I have zero wish to suffer caffeine withdrawal.

At least I’m done with the doctors for now, unless something unfortunate comes up. All the check-ups are done.

So, while I am tired (having two heat strokes in the last ten days or so didn’t help, either), at least I’ve done something, I’ve learned about a few things I should watch out for, and it was time well spent.

Other than that, it’s the usual: working, reading, watching stuff… And trying not to get another heat stroke.

Currently reading: some episodes of Punisher MAX. Garth Ennis is always fun, and so is his Punisher.

Also currently reading: Divlja kapela by Dejan Ognjanović (a collection of horror stories, most of them previously published in various anthologies, and now edited for this collection).

Recently read: Thirteen Steps in the Underworld by Su-Yee Lin (a poetic take on following your beloved into the Underworld), Brimstone and Marmalade by Aaron Corwin (fun and disturbing story about a girl who wanted a pony and got a pet demon instead), Flight by Claire Wrenwood (the price paid for wings), Two Truths and a Lie by Sarah Pinsker (creepypasta!), Open House on Haunted Hill by John Wiswell (a haunted house just wants some people to live in it so it can take good care of them), The Ones Who Look by Katharine Duckett (you can buy your way into the (digital) Heaven, but…), HAARP i druge priče o teorijama zavere (an anthology of conspiracy theory stories from 2014, by various authors from Serbia), Poplavljeni um by Jovan Ristić (a novel based on his story from the said anthology), Plague Birds by Jason Sanford (future! post-apocalypse! dangerous AIs! a wolf-woman! secrets within secrets within secrets!), Lakonogi dan by Jelena Lengold (one man searches for himself, or maybe he’s doing everything he can to avoid that search), and Filip od zlata by Vladimir Kolarić (one man is looking for his childhood friend who maybe existed, and maybe didn’t).

Currently watching: Hawkeye. It’s cute: is he going to make it and get back home in time for Christmas? Sure, there’s a lot of action and some dark stuff, but it’s still a Christmas series at heart, which is nice.

Recently watched: Spiderman: Far From Home (it’s really nice that, just like with Homecoming, they did it as a teenager movie; he is, after all, a high school kid), The Power of the Dog (slow, but good…and then wicked good), The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (a wonderful movie with cat illustrations, cats, and finally not romanticizing mental illness), and The Essex Serpent (there’s a lot going on in this mini-series, and there’s Tom Hiddleston in it, which is, of course, great).

Currently working on: work, when there’s any, and right now there is, and I should go back to it. I’ve also managed to write a story after a while.

And that would be it this time… Some stuff is happening.

And you get another cat picture.


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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