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February News 2023.

The cold that refuses to go away is still refusing to go away. These days, sometimes it’s joined by unusually high blood pressure (unusually high for me, not something that requires a trip to the ER). I still miss coffee, but with my blood pressure playing tricks with me, perhaps avoiding even decaf is a good idea.

Everything still takes more time than it should. Perhaps a bit warmer weather will help, once it graces us with its presence. Losing some weight might help, too, not that I’m super-fat or anything.

All right, enough with health complains, has anything interesting happened?

Not really. I mean, I’ve read more than in January (the number of books might be similar, but this time, no picture books), but I’m not sure it counts as interesting. Nothing much happened. The shortest month in the year felt just slightly shorter than the longest one, and everything is still slow.

Well, slow isn’t necessarily bad.

I did see some fun music videos in the last two months. Here they are (Rammstein in both cases):

The second one might have lost me a couple of friends on Facebook when I shared it. Or it was just a coincidence.

And speaking of interesting stuff, and with ChatGPT causing so much noise, here’s a good video to watch:

Other than that kind of fun, there was the usual fun: reading, watching, working (all right, the last one isn’t always fun, to put it mildly).

Currently reading: Frantumaglia by Elena Ferrante. This time, it’s not a novel, it’s non-fiction: letters, essays, reflections, and interviews. Interesting so far, coming from an author whose books I enjoy (and I’ve read a bunch), but I’m still at the beginning.

Recently read: The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler (a science fiction novel happening in the near future, about the discovery of another intelligent species on this planet we keep trying to destroy, octopuses, and how everything is connected; I loved it), Burnt Sugar by Avni Doshi (lovely written, starts like a family drama about the neglected/abused daughter who’s now supposed to take care of her mother who’s got Alzheimer’s, proceeds by subtly questioning what really happened, and ends up close to horror), Animal by Lisa Taddeo (about a woman who flees to LA after her lover kills himself in front of her, desperately tries to get close to a woman named Alice because she hopes she will understand her, and, basically, is trying to figure out how to function like a normal human being after everything she’s been through (and, if we’re being honest, after all the bad things she did herself)), The Blue Room by Hanne Ørstavik (basically, about a toxic relationship between the mother and daughter), Diskordia Vol. 1: Feels Like Falling by Rivenis (a really, really, really weird comic where you’re never sure what’s real, what’s dream or imagination or whatever, and everything looks psychedelic), The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett (about twin African-American sisters who are living very different lives (one is passing as white, has married a white man and has a daughter with him, so she’s always panicking someone will discover her secret; while the other one has married the darkest African-American man she found, had a daughter with him, and fled after he became severely abusive), are not in contact in each other…and then their daughters meet by accident), Luster by Raven Leilani (a young African-American woman is trying to figure her life out, maybe even become an artist, makes a lot of bad choices, becomes a part of an open marriage (in some rather unexpected ways)…interesting stuff), Odakle sam bila, više nisam by Dejan Tiago-Stanković (I’ve finally finished it, and while I still prefer Estoril, this one’s good, too), and Jedenje bogova by Goran Čučković (very dark, violent, morbid, trying to make sense of things that just don’t make sense).

Currently watching: some courses by Tim Ferris. Interesting, though I wouldn’t actually implement most of it (doesn’t seem healthy, or wouldn’t work with my health issues), but it can give you ideas.

Currently working on: work, when there’s any. I should be writing my own stuff, too, but I’m not.

And there it is, another month with nothing special happening. What can I say, I’m leading an exciting life. Not.

Then again, with high blood pressure, excitement might not be the best thing.

See ya next time, and have another cat picture!


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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