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January News 2022.

Oh, look, the first month of the new year that feels pretty much like the previous year is almost over.

Time is weird.

Not a flat circle or whatever, just weird. January used to feel like the longest month ever. But now, this January… It flew by, and yet, it still feels as if the time is dragging on and on and on.


Is it the time for

…or, with the Omicron variant spreading like wildfire, for

No idea.

No news about more of my books coming out or anything like that this time, I’m afraid.

There’s a cold that refuses to go away. One of the annoying ones, not terrible, sometimes a bit worse, sometimes a bit better, but not going away. Boring. And annoying. And perfectly common for this time of the year.

Other than that, it’s the usual. Reading, watching stuff, working… Of course, with the holidays, I’ve spent the first third of the month resting, which meant watching more stuff.

Currently reading: The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher. A nice little horror book, and the writer is so good that she made even the scenes of cleaning out a hoarder’s house interesting.

Recently read: a lot, mostly stories and novellas. The Mysterious Study of Doctor Sex, As Yet Unsent, and Princess Floralinda and the Forty-Flight Tower by Tamsyn Muir (all good, which can only be expected after Gideon the Ninth), Little Free Library by Naomi Kritzer (cute and sweet and everything nice), Metal Like Blood in the Dark and Minor Mage by T. Kingfisher (both really good, and yeah, I like her writing), The Mermaid Astronaut by Yoon Ha Lee (The Little Mermaid in space, and not the Disney version; full of genuinely nice people, and a really nice story), The Little Witch by M. Rickert (a perfect Halloween read, though, of course, you can read it whenever you like and it’s still going to be a nice creepy story), Teške priče by Marija Lazarević (mostly about the stuff that she does as a doctor), Cat Hates World by Kathrin Klingner (a fun/sarcastic comic about some parts of the author’s life), The Girl Who Sang Rose Madder by Elizabeth Bear (about art and creativity and the possibility of eternal life but does eternal life really matter), Pulp by Ed Brubaker (a comic that starts simply and develops into a far more complex story, and a darn good one, too), Prosper’s Demon and Inside Man by K. J. Parker (an exorcist and a demon, some parts are fun, others, not so much), The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water by Zen Cho (a fun wuxia fantasy), Firewalkers by Adrian Tchaikovsky (now that one has a wicked ending), A Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns (useful stuff if you’re offering creative services) and For He Can Creep by Siobhan Carrol (cats versus Satan! And one cat and a poet really existed!).

Currently watching: nothing. Planning to watch a bunch of things, but…

Recently watched: Doom Patrol season 3 (still fun), You seasons 2 and 3 (still fun, too, plus I like that there’s a different catch in every season), Servant season 2 (still interesting, though it was better while it was more difficult to decide is it or isn’t it), and What If…? (another fun one, plus gives more insight into some of the MCU characters, for those who care about that).

Currently working on: work, when there’s any. And thinking about writing some stories, but not writing them yet.

That would be it, see you next time!

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December News 2021.

Oh, look, it’s the end of the year (as we know it?), so I got this song stuck in my head:

It still feels as if everything is just dragging on and on and on… And like the pandemic is never going to end… Boring. And a mood-killer.

Not everything is bad, though. This year, my first book got out as an audio-book, too, and here’s the demo:

On top of that, my third book (another short story collection, ghost stories this time) got out. It’s in Serbian, like the previous two, the title is Senoviti anđeo, and if you speak Serbian or similar languages, you can read it here. For free.

Other than that, it’s the usual: reading, watching, working, sometimes even writing…

Currently reading: Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir. I’m still at the beginning, but so far, it’s pretty cool. And fun. Teens, grumpy necromancers, a grumpy swordswoman, all of it on some other planets…

Recently read: Death’s End by Liu Cixin (hard sf with some philosophy, slow at times, awesome at times), The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay (an alcoholic grandma as the main character, a pandemic of something that starts as flu but then makes people sorta kinda understand animals and many of them go crazy, a bunch of bad decisions… Clever, sometimes too optimistic, but don’t expect a happy ending), and Sanjaju li androidi radnička prava? by Milan Aranđelović (a sci-fi satire where the puns and the worldbuilding and the social commentary are far more important than the plot or the characters).

Currently watching: nothing at the moment, though I do plan to watch a bunch of series during the holidays.

Recently watched: What We Do in the Shadows season 3 (still fun, and I’m looking forward to more), Alice in Borderland (lots of violence, people dying in gruesome ways while being forced to play games (and if they refuse to play games, their “visa” runs out and lasers from the sky kill them), fun to watch if you’ve enjoyed, say, Squid Game), and You, season 1 (a bookstore manager who also happens to be an obsessive stalker and a serial killer; definitely fun to watch).

Currently working on: work, when there’s any (and for a while, there was quite a bit, when everyone needed stuff done before the Christmas sales started), and writing a story or few.

And that would be it this time, see you next year!

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November News 2021.

Frankly, it’s the same old, same old, with the time dragging on.

Except that I got my booster shot.

And then the omicron variant showed up in the world, and people are panicking even though we have no idea yet whether it made the vaccines ineffective.

Yay for panicking. Not.

And yay for boring myself by starting each and every post by talking about the darn covid. Again, not.

Current mood:

So, what else am I doing?

The usual: working when there’s work, reading, watching stuff, and, surprisingly enough, even writing a few short-short stories in Serbian. The links for them are here.

Currently reading: The Best of World SF: Volume 1, edited by Lavie Tidhar. I loved some stories, some made me wonder what the heck did I just read, one felt too long… Basically, it’s all to be expected when reading an anthology (and I’m only halfway through).

Recently read: a bunch of books. A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers (really nice), Mein Tag im anderen Land: Eine Dämonengeschichte by Peter Handke (definitely an unusal read), then a bunch of books in Serbian (Kraj raspusta i druge priče by Ana Miloš, Zovite me Esteban i druge priče by Lejla Kalamujić (loved that one), Sićušne priče (a nice anthology of microfiction by numerous authors), Smrtni ishod atletskih povreda by Milica Vučković (not an easy read, about a toxic relationship and what leads to it), Varoška legenda: Prvi sneg and Varoška legenda: Đavolji tefter by Tajana Poterjahin (nice old-fashioned writing, and I can’t wait for the last part to be published), Dum-dum by Pavle Zelić (some of the stories he wrote in the last 20 years, time sure does fly), Uzvišenost by Darko Tuševljaković (a dystopic tale turning into a hopeful one), Moj put istine and Sarajka u Beogradu i druge drame by Isidora Bjelica (brought back memories, and I miss her), and Firentinski dublet – Kjaroskuro by Goran Skrobonja and Ivan Nešić).

Is that a lot? Or too little? I’m never sure; I know that some people read a lot more than I do. But I enjoyed reading these, and I guess that’s what counts.

Currently watching: nothing. It would be difficult to read that much and watch something. I did finish watching the first season of Foundation, and I can’t say that I’m eager for the next one, even if I won’t be able to resist watching it.

Currently working on: work, when there’s any, and as usual, work comes and goes. Plus on some microfiction, which is nice.

So, I’m actually writing from time to time? Sorta… Kinda… No promises.

But yeah.

I am. After a long while.

That would be it for now, see you next time!