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Waiting for the Spring

Like I said, I’m waiting for the warmer weather.

Today is pretty warm, but it looks like the temperature will drop again.

In other words, I’m waiting for the spring to finally come, and while I’m waiting, I’m taking some pretty pictures.

Have a look, and enjoy!




The dog is waiting, too!
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Tuesday News 12/03/2019

So… What’s new?

I’m still working (well, I’ve got a mini vacation, but other than that, I’m still working), and I’m still tired. So, nothing new there.

One of my photos (see above) had over 1,000 downloads on Unsplash. Are there so many vegans on Unsplash (no, I’m not a vegan)? Or is there so little vegan art? Or do they really think that my photo is that good? I’m not sure, but, hey, I’m not complaining.

Another bit of news is that my story The Bread Hell and Other Stories made it into the Top 25 Editor’s Picks on Literally Literary. Yay! That puts it on the first page of that magazine, and, well, it’s really nice. And it was awesome to get the message about it. And… You can guess how I feel.

Any good books to mention? Actually, yes. One is Collected Stories, Volume 1 by Nabokov – the book starts with a great story, and doesn’t disappoint. You may like some stories more than the others, but all are good. Another great book I’ve read lately is The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante. It’s good, but very painful, because it describes the nervous breakdown of an abandoned woman, and doesn’t shy away from the ugly parts of it, nor does it try to romanticize that condition. It’s a much more difficult read than My Brilliant Friend, but well worth the effort.

Anything else? I can’t wait for the warmer weather (and I’m definitely not the only one feeling that way). I know I’m going to complain when it gets too warm, but for the time being, I just wish it was warmer.

That’s it for today, I guess. See you next time!