A Brand New YouTube Channel!

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been playing with Flixpress videos. Well, I kept playing. I have customized a bunch of them (some were for work, and the rest of them were either for promoting my blogs, or whatever I felt like creating). Of course, all these videos needed a nice home, so I have created my very own angel011 channel. Check it out, if you wish, or take a look at the examples below.

If you see something you like, feel free to share! 🙂




Norman Spinrad at Beokon!

Here’s another one that took me forever to share.

As I mentioned when I wrote about BeoKon 2017, the guest of honor was Norman Spinrad: a science fiction author (Bug Jack Barron, The Iron Dream, A World Between, Child of Fortune, The Druid King, Osama the Gun, He Walked Among Us…), screenwriter, essayist, critic… His work was often described as controversial (but was nominated for various awards, anyway), he was the SFWA President twice, and you could say that, when it comes to science fiction and the long decades of his life devoted to it, he’s been there, done that, seen everything, and is still here to tell the tale.

Of course, with him being so famous, you already knew this (if you’re interested in sci-fi or science fiction), or you could Google it. However, here are some videos that haven’t been shared much: Norman Spinrad at BeoKon 2017 (plus video clips of the convention itself, if you’re curious what it looked like).




It looks like we have more conventions every year. It’s great, of course, because it’s more fun stuff to choose from!


So far, we had two conventions this year, and the third one, Potter Mania, is coming in March.


About a month ago, there was the Epic Fantasy Festival: two days of panels about games (The Witcher, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons), books (The Witcher books, Tolkien, epic fantasy that’s not written by Tolkien), heavy metal music and epic fantasy, cosplay… There was also a lot of stuff to buy, of the shut up and take my money kind.

Zmaya Pyro-Art: Burning Stuff in a Creative and Socially Acceptable Way

And then, there was Chibicon, about three weeks ago (a Japanese pop-culture convention). It started out as a mini-convention because Japanizam, the major convention happening in July, wasn’t enough, but this year, even Chibicon lasted for three days.


There were panels about other conventions, beautiful design, cosplay, history of Japan, superheroes, games, manga tutorial books, there were computer game tournaments, a cosplay competition, an AMV competition, a drawing competition, a Worbla workshop… There was a LOT to see and enjoy in in just three days.



And, of course, there was more shut up and take my money stuff to buy.

Tamaishi Design

Conventions can quickly get exhausting, and then I wish to get some rest… Only to start missing the convention fun and wait for the next one, because there will be more interesting stuff to watch, listen to, and learn.