Short Stories, Totally Free

The links take you to the stories. All are free to read. Enjoy!

The Warlock of Verdial Forest

My Cat, a Genius

The Mother’s Tale: Cockroaches

The Girl and Her Bunny

Calling Cthulhu


Golden Eyes

The Bone Cathedral

Do the Smilodons Purr?

The Grandma

My Hamster Is a Vampire, or, How I’ve Learned to Stop Fearing and Love the Suckers

The Remote Control Mechanism

While I Was Polishing My Nails

Little Amy

Behind the Door

Sleeping Beauty


Mr. Cactus

The Ones Who Choose to Die Under the Bed

Little Wingy

Tuxedo No. 2


Mr. Werewolf’s Cubs

The Scared Boogeyman

The Neighbor’s Cats

It’s Okay

Things That Make You Go Woof

The Sleeping Beauty and Her Mother-In-Law

The Wish

She Promised

That Is Not My Story

The Bread Hell and Other Stories

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