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Friday Fun: Meet Lucas!

Have you seen Lucas the Spider yet? Yes, he’s a spider, but don’t be scared: he’s nice, and he’s super-cute. And his voice! Just listen to him! Seriously, listen! 🙂

Lucas the Spider is a series of short (20-30 seconds each), family-friendly animations featuring the cutest spider in the world. No offense to other spiders! Below you can see the ones I like best, and if you click here, you can see them all.




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Put It Away, Will Ya?

Remove those darn animations if you want me to read it!

I’ve been looking through some blogs, and it’s probably just my bad luck, but several blogs in a row had one of the most additions ever.


I’m not talking about some discreet snow animation, or something else equally discreet and non-disruptive. I’m talking about very visible animations, such as big snowflakes falling over posts and making them difficult to read, or about those annoying Tweety wittwe biwds. You know, the Twitter bird which is supposed to make you follow the blog owner through Twitter. On some blogs, the darn blue bird was flying over posts, making them difficult to read. On some others, it was flying on the side, still annoying and distracting.

If I come to a blog to look at cute animations, then I expect some cute animations. But if I come to a blog to read it, and the blog owner made it difficult to read with obtrusive animations, well, guess what, I won’t be straining my eyes to read it, nor will I be following.

So, if, by some chance, you want me to read your blog, do me some courtesy of making it possible for me to read without a bunch of distractions.

Thank you.

Rant over.