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Norman Spinrad at Beokon!

Here’s another one that took me forever to share.

As I mentioned when I wrote about BeoKon 2017, the guest of honor was Norman Spinrad: a science fiction author (Bug Jack Barron, The Iron Dream, A World Between, Child of Fortune, The Druid King, Osama the Gun, He Walked Among Us…), screenwriter, essayist, critic… His work was often described as controversial (but was nominated for various awards, anyway), he was the SFWA President twice, and you could say that, when it comes to science fiction and the long decades of his life devoted to it, he’s been there, done that, seen everything, and is still here to tell the tale.

Of course, with him being so famous, you already knew this (if you’re interested in sci-fi or science fiction), or you could Google it. However, here are some videos that haven’t been shared much: Norman Spinrad at BeoKon 2017 (plus video clips of the convention itself, if you’re curious what it looked like).



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BeoKon 2017!

It’s November, and the last weekend was BeoKon time. Well, not just the weekend, the convention started on Friday, with a panel on Stranger Things, and went on until late Sunday evening.

Err, what’s BeoKon?

A local convention, held in Belgrade, Serbia. Calling it a local version of Comic-Con wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but it will give you a pretty good idea what’s it like.

And what was it like?

For me, great. Well, I would’ve preferred more panels on books (hey, you know me!), but other than that, I went from one panel to another (Stranger Things, Supernatural, Killing Stalking, The Handmaid’s Tale, Rick and Morty, Saga, Lovecraft & Ligotti, Game of Thrones), and the highlight was (as it should be!) the guest of honor, Norman Spinrad.

I’ve first encountered Spinrad’s writing when I got to translate two of his essays, Science Fiction in the Real World and The Transmogrification of Philip K. Dick. For some reason, the idea that I might see him in person has never occurred to me. I don’t know why. I mean, he’s still alive (obviously), he’s still writing (the book he’s working on now sounds really interesting, and scary as well), and yet, somehow, I never thought that I’d see him in person. And then the announcement came, and I was sort of fangirling (no screaming or fainting, though), sharing the announcement all over Facebook, thinking about what to tell him (in the end I didn’t say anything, and talked a bit to his partner Dona instead, she’s awesome!)… You get the idea. And, of course, it was great to hear him talk about his work and experiences; he’s someone who’s been there, done that, and has a lot to say about it.

And then I was too tired for the third day, and missed some stuff like Alien, new Doctor Who, American Gods, Marvel vs DC, Star Trek: Discovery vs The Orville, The Expanse, cosplay catwalk, and a bunch of other things. Yes, it was all during just one day at BeoKon.

And now we’re all recovering, and waiting for the next BeoKon.

Here are some pictures, and you can see the rest here.


Down left is the book of Spinrad’s essays, so far the only book of his translated to Serbian
A room full of visitors, a lot of them very young, listening about Killing Stalking
Two stories by Spinrad were translated in the latest edition of the fanzine Emitor
There were a lot of things to spend your money on
Even Deadpool was shopping at BeoKon!
There were cosplayers…
There was Ursula the Sea Witch, plotting with Cersei…
…and, of course, there was Norman Spinrad! Yay!
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BeoKon, Part II

On Saturday, I went to BeoKon again; I’ve skipped Sunday, and all the crazy fun that happened then, like this, or this, or this, or… You get the picture.

I’m not saying that Saturday wasn’t fun; quite the contrary. I loved the “My Movie Is Better Than Your Movie” quiz (it was a Star Wars special, with the contestants giving their suggestions about what they’d like to see improved and what they’d love to see next), and it was interesting to listen to what Steven Erikson had to say about Grimdark and whether it was going to last, about writing, about many things really, not to mention that we got to hear some exclusive news about the next works he’s going to publish. Cons are awesome for that!

There was a lot more going on on Saturday, but I couldn’t clone myself and be everywhere. That’s the trouble with conventions, if you can call it trouble: too much good stuff going on at the same time.

Anyway, here are some pictures (above are Captain America and Jareth the Goblin King), and you can see the rest here (98 photos). I miss BeoKon already, although I’m aware that everyone would drop if there was a convention every few days.

The quiz
Awesome cosplay
More awesome cosplay. Just look at them!
I appear to be in the shadows…