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Tuesday News 09/06/2020

I was going to write something for Tuesday News 2 weeks ago.

At first, I thought it would be the usual, a bit about the pandemic, a Queen song as the current mood, a bit about books… But on Monday evening, I’ve learned that Milena Benini, a Croatian science fiction writer I admire, and also one of my dearest Facebook friends (we’ve only met once in person, at a convention), was in hospital with stage 4 lung cancer.

And I was going to write something about that, but I couldn’t.

I just couldn’t.

I couldn’t write anything at all.

The previous Tuesday was a Blackout Tuesday. I thought about writing something a day or two later, and I still couldn’t.

Milena died last Thursday.

She was a wonderful person and a great inspiration, and she was awesome.

I miss her.

For current mood, something I think she might like:

And am I reading something? Yes.

Currently reading: Naživo by Dejan Ognjanović, the third edition (different from the first and the second one). I’m still at the beginning, but the difference is obvious already.

Recently read: Mletački sokol (The Venetian Falcon) by Milena Benini. A pretty awesome read, written for geeks, about (mostly) geeks, by a geek. I started reading it, stopped after a few pages, and once I got back to it, I’ve read it in a day.

If you enjoy pop-culture in its various aspects, you’re likely to find something you’ll love in this book. If you like cyberpunk or crime novels/movies or both, you’re likely to enjoy this one. If you enjoy mixes of various cultures and various groups, and like the idea that they might learn to live and work together (or that their communities could truly learn to cooperate with each other), you might enjoy in this book. Want action? There’s plenty. Want a love story? There’s an adorable one. Want gay/bi characters? You’ll get them. Want unusual people? You’ll get plenty. Want a villain you’ll love to hate? You’ll get one. Want an awesome mom? You’ll get one, too.

As you can see, yes, I really liked this book. And it’s dedicated to fandoms, so fangirling is completely appropriate.

Currently watching: movies! The ones I’ve missed, like Joker (2019, loved it, he’s a creepy psycho), Spectre (2015, err, I’ve seen much better Bond movies), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019, no comment), X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019, might have worked as an episode of a series, though even then, it would be disappointing), Avengers: Endgame (2019, now, this one hits all the buttons, and does it well), Captain Marvel (2019, it was really fun, and Goose rules), Bohemian Rhapsody (2018, better than all the ones I’ve previously mentioned, or, if you prefer, I’ve enjoyed it more than I’ve enjoyed them, and I’m still hearing Queen songs in my head).

Currently working on: trying to wake up, which isn’t working well with the weather we’re having. Also, of course, work for clients, watching movies, reading…

And that would be pretty much it for today.