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It’s Holiday Time: Decorations!

I might have mentioned, once or ten times, that Belgrade got Christmas decorations as early as September. Or late September? Still way too early.

During the actual season, more decorations were added, plus a Christmas market of sorts. There’s a skating rink, too, but I didn’t take a picture of it.

So, what does Belgrade look like these days?

The pictures say it all!








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It’s Not Even Close to Christmas!

Christmas lights all over the city the day after Halloween. Christmas trees and decorations in every supermarket the day after Halloween, too. Christmas-themed toys and products everywhere, and it’s still November.

It used to be something that we saw on Facebook, something that happened in America, but not here. Sure, Christmas decorations would appear a bit too early, but “too early” used to mean December. This year, however, someone (not mentioning names here) decided that Belgrade could attract more tourists by investing the taxpayers’ money into premature Christmas lights, and, apparently, pretty much everyone jumped on the bandwagon.

Some of this stuff is cute, as you can see on the picture above.

But it’s still too early.

A holiday isn’t a holiday if it lasts for three months. It becomes a season, and a season is… Something else.

Not to mention it’s annoying to watch this overcommercialized stuff for three months.