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Working with the Editor Is Fun!

Working with the editor is fun!

Last Friday, I went to my editor/publisher so we could work on my new book (the cover is already done, you can see it here). I got to her place a little before 9 AM; when we finished, it was a little after 4 PM. There were interruptions — she has an accounting firm to run — but most of the time we were working on the book.

Story by story, 27 of them.

It’s not that there was a lot to change. The changes were all small, but it’s still small changes in 27 stories.


Change shower gel to a soap, otherwise you have shower two times in the same sentence (the book is in Serbian, and Serbian tolerates repetitiveness much less than English).

Their, their, their, kick out some and use another word.

First you say that he doesn’t want her to be protective, and later that he wishes her to protect him. He’s scared and confused, he doesn’t know himself what he wants. Are you going to stand next to every reader of yours and explain that to them?

No, he couldn’t see that and then park the car and get out. First he parks the car, then he sees it, then he gets out of the vehicle. Otherwise he’s going to crash into something.

I love Crnjanski‘s long sentences, even when they’re awkward, but please, split that one into 2. And that one into 3. 4.

Crnjanski says hello.

Here. Where is this here? Her apartment?

He was her beloved grandfather, you don’t need to explain that she was supposed to come to his funeral.

No need to tell that the routine was usual.


That sentence is confusing, how about this?


From 9 AM to 4 PM.

It was great. Exhausting, but fun. And it really helped me make my stories better.

Some people complain about editors, and I guess that, since editors are humans like everyone else, it is possible to run into one who is the wrong one for you. Me, I’ve had luck so far; I got along with the every editor I worked with just fine.

Better than fine. It was a lot of fun, and something good was created.

How about you? What’s your experience with editors?